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Forum Conditions of Use

Forum Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions for Use of the Forum

Due to the fact that our forum has been abused by certain parties in the past, it has become necessary to regulate posts to our forum and that the following terms and conditions are applicable to use of our forum.

By making a post in our forum you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. You acknowledge that has the express right to moderated and/or edit and/or delete posts made to this forum.

  2. Your posts must contain dance related subject and follow the general subject matter of this web site.
  3. You acknowledge that this forum is a public forum and that any personal information you choose to publish in this forum, of whatsoever nature, that you do so totally at your own risk and that cannot be held liable for the use or dissemination of such information to, or by any third party.
  4. Forum posts may not be utilised for posts for financial gain and may not contain website links, website addresses, email addresses or contact details for persons and/or organisations for the purpose of driving traffic and/or communication to such persons and/organisations for the purposes of financial gain, with exception that such posts are acceptable if at the time of posting you are also a subscriber to our directory service. You also agree that should you contravene this clause again, after you have been notified by us that you are in contravention of these terms and conditions, by making further posts in our forum which can be construed as "for financial gain", that may bill you in the amount of $1000 (US) per contravening post and that has the legal right to persue you for performance of payment of such, should the need arise. You also agree that all legal matters shall be handled in a court of law located in legal jurisdiction of Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  5. You also agree that if your post(s) contravene the above conditions, that has the exclusive right to remove your post and to limit your access to this site.
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